LOYALTY by Frida Davidsson - Original artwork and film

This original art project and film, 'LOYALTY', is dedicated to the Puff Puff Pass It community. The original body-painting by Frida Davidsson (@fridadavidssonart) was auctioned to raise funds to support recent hurricane victims. Please go to http://PuffPuffPassIt.com for more info. Frida Davidsson was born in Sweden, 1992. She makes paintings and performances by using her body as the only painting tool. With her movements, she creates mostly abstract/pop art portraits of people who she feels influenced by. Davidsson is interested in the connection that appears between herself and her art as she masterfully becomes a part of the painting while she embraces her female body covered in paint. Her very unique way of creating makes her express her true nature, as she takes back the control of the female body that has been stolen and objectified by today’s society. Produced by https://kampagn.com :: #PUFFTHIS Club Subcribe Here :: https://manage.kmail-lists.com/subscriptions/subscribe?a=HWWLyq&g=MLqvFD