<p>How&#39;s the audio, I finally got a mic LOL- Hey friends! Thanks for clicking on this video! Please like and subscribe if you like these types of videos! Today I&#39;m reviewing a Maryland hemp brand, Native Hemp! Now, I&#39;ve had products from them before and LOVED them, so I was super pumper to try some more from them! This box included CBD gummies, an 8th of CBD flower, and a CBG joint! Everything in this box is a solid 10/10 and I would get them again!</p> <p></p> <p>Please check out Native Hemp on Instagram!</p> <p>@onlynativehemp</p> <p>Https://</p> <p>Check out their website!</p> <p>Https://</p> <p></p> <p>Follow me on Instagram</p> <p>@amandasparket</p> <p>Https://</p> <p>Follow me on Twitch!!!</p> <p>Https://</p> <p>I NEVER USE TWITTER EXCEPT TO COMPLAIN LOL you don&#39;t wanna follow me there</p> <p>@amandasparket</p> <p>Subscribe to my YouTube!</p> <p>Amanda Sparket!</p> <p>My YouTube and WeedTube have been going up un subd at about the same rate! At 420 subs I&#39;m gonna make a fun video!! Give me ideas!!! (I will probably not waste a gram to take a &quot;1 grab dab&quot; LOL) I was thinking something fun like edibles &amp; ________ LET ME KNOW DOWN BELOW!!!</p> <p>I absolutely love filming these videos, especially reviews! Any constructive criticism on how I do these is HIGHLY appreciated! I always want to do better!! Leave me suggestions on types of videos you would like to see in the comments below!! I have a whole list of ideas I grab from, but if you suggest something fun and I film it, I&#39;ll totally give you credit! How do we feel about my consistency? I feel like its been a 70-30 with the majority being pretty good! Gonna try and keep consistent with the Tuesday uploads with surprise Saturday uploads when I can!! Y&#39;all motivate me so much, thanks for being here!</p>