Tackling the new demands of on-site service | Fleet Equipment Unscripted

Even before COVID-19, performing on-site service was far different from rolling a truck into a bay. "There are certain things that go into doing a job in a mobile situation that you have to be cognizant of," said Ed Peterson, CEO of Wrench, a mobile vehicle maintenance and repair solution that brings dealer-quality service directly to wherever the vehicle happens to be. "We tell our technicians that they have to check three boxes before they can do the work: 1. Is it safe for the technician? 2. Is it safe for the vehicle? and 3. Is it safe for the environment? We have processes that step through those." That first criteria has become more complicated in the midst of the pandemic, as PPE, best hygiene practices and social distancing all come into play for technicians, fleets and truck drivers. The Uber-like, on-demand truck service provider didn't waste any time in launching a contactless maintenance and repair offering to help keep fleet vehicles operating safely. To find out how Wrench and its technicians are tackling fleet service needs in the toughest of times, I connected with Ed to talk safety protocols, meeting service expectations and staying productive. Watch the video above for all of the insight.