Herban Legends CBD Freeze Gel Review plus Smoke Sesh

<p>Ended up getting this awesome CBD Freeze Gel from Herban Legends CBD and all I gotta say is that this product actually works. Been using it since of Saturday night up till now, even though it&#39;s been a few days I still managed to feel this wonderful Gel do it&#39;s job.</p> <p>What I was smoking was a bowl of Sour D mixed with Hash and Space Grape diamond. These bad boys on a Bong is wild but definitely worth it, definitely did help me go to sleep. But also the tatse from all three being mixed together was amazing, now the burning part definitely did burn slow but at least I didn&#39;t had to relight the bowl it was automatically light because of the hash that was in the middle of the bowl.</p> <p>-</p> <p>To check out the Herban Legends CBD Freeze gel check out their website at <a href="https://www.herbanlegends.net/">https://www.herbanlegends.net/</a></p> <p>-</p> <p>The music in the background is a band called &quot;Sunday Morning&quot; check them out on Spotify at https://open.spotify.com/artist/2jctlQLPR5HkLkNZz4Zo4G?si=Ctl1W0LrRPuXjNhZQVCkug&amp;utm_source=copy-link</p> <p>With that being said hope everyone has a wonderful Monday and stay high, be easy everyone.!.</p>