ChaiChai Episode 13

A gang of biker taporis come to hotel Kelifornia one day. They are such menacing baddies that they play all sorts of funny pranks with Sundar. Sundar being the sincere waiter takes it all until he is so sad that Sundar goes behind the hotel all sad and disappointed. Though Basha loves messing with Sundar, he can't take the bikers messing with Sundar. And our super smart Basha decides to give the bikers a heavier dose of their own medicine. What we see then is Basha in full Ranjikant style and adas punishing the rouge bikers in the most hilarious ways. And an excited Sundar doesn't forget to reward Basha generously with his favourite snacks. And in no time the tapori bikers flee for their dear lives. Its Diwali and Sundar is extremely excited for he loves everything about Diwali...the fireworks, the lights and the sweets. Chai Raja though doesn’t mind the mellower ones has an aversion to the noisy crackers as they drown out his precious radio and disturb his swilling rhythm. Also Chai Raja needs to concentrate as he has to whip up special jalebis, coconut laddoos and other sweets to entice customers into his shop even on the holiday. Customers do pour in but with an excess of kids and their Diwali pistols. Sundar already has his hands full keeping the knicker-clad pint-sized “cops and robbers”incheck..little does he know it’s just about to get worse for Basha has received a special Diwali hamper from one of his old fans at the circus- the cannon clown- a huge box of the biggest and loudest firecrackers. Basha descends with a decided bang on the tea shop and proves to be such a ballistic bother that despite all Sunder’s efforts the tale ends with the Chai Raja and his hotel getting a Diwali makeover that a is bit too charred than Sundar would have intended. It is a hot summer day and the customers are sweating. Chai Raja and Sundar are trying hard to keep them cool. To make matters worse a group of school students come with their class teacher as a part of their picnic. And the same time an ice-cream seller comes in front of the shop. Delighted, all the customers and the students flock around him to buy ice-cream. Chai Raja and Sundar are instantly out of customers and business. Totally frustrated, Chai Raja appoints Sundar to canvas the customers back to the hotel. Sundar tries to do some stupid performances to lure the kids back. But things take a twist when Basha teams up with the ice-cream seller. Now it is full on competition. And let’s see who wins! Its Christmas and Chai Raja makes Sundar lug in a mini-tree as a decorative centrepiece for the special day (decorations are beautifully coloured snacks on a tree made of green chillies). His job profile also includes handing out small gifts from below the tree to the regular patrons of the shop. Sundar loyally goes on with his chores trying his best to sweeten up the Chai experience for the clientele with his Christmassy cheer. Basha, feeling some of the joy of giving himself, decides to give Sundar off from chasing and turns up at the shop with merely the intention of watching the celebration. Sundar however pranks Basha with a rigged gift giving the latter a sore spot on his behind. Now it is officially revenge and Basha decides to spoil Sundar’s day. What follows next is when Basha comes in various Christmas diguises as a variety of santas, as einderretc thus stealing the gifts, food and also making Sundar’s life a living hell. The Christmas is not emrry anymore for Sundar.