Stepdad Reads Through Scrapbook Of Memories Before Reaching Surprise Adoption Request | Happily TV

A 10-year-old girl cried tears of joy after presenting her stepdad with a photo album full of memories – which ended in a surprise adoption request. Stepdad Anthony, 41, came into 10-year-old Gia's life around two years ago, her mom, Yahaira (pronounced: Ja-hi-rah) said. During that time, Anthony – Yahaira's fiancee – stepped up as a father figure, leading Gia to ask her mom about adoption. Having been asked by her mom if she was serious, Gia reiterated her desires, saying that she had watched videos on adoption requests and wanted to replicate surprises she had seen. That was back in September of 2023, so Gia and Yahaira, 38, who live in Las Vegas, Nevada, started thinking of ways to surprise Anthony, 41, with the request potentially. They settled on a photo album Gia planned to present to her stepdad on Christmas Day. After Anthony had opened the gift, he flicked through photo after photo of memories he had shared with his stepdaughter before being presented with paperwork for Gia's adoption request. The beaming stepdad said, "Oh yeah – we doing this," before giving Gia, who was wiping away tears beside him, a big hug. Yahaira later shared a video of the moment on TikTok, where commenters said they were also fighting back joyous tears. For the following steps, Yahiara and Anthony are set to get married before the adoption paperwork can be finalized, Yahiara said.