Donald Trump Vs Joe Biden for President: Who will be better for India?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President Donald Trump have shared very close personal ties. The bonhomie between the two leaders, who refer to each other as friends, has been on display several times. Critics however argue that the personal ties between the two leaders has not translated into policy benefits for India. Now, with the US headed to polls in November, there is a possibility of a new President being elected. So if Joe Biden were to be elected President, how would the dynamics of the ties between India and the US change. What are the sectors that would be majorly affected? Will Biden continue to follow Trump's policy vis-a-vis India, or will we see a change in approach from the US. What are points in which PM Modi and Biden share a similar ideology and what are the points of differences. Biden's remarks on CAA and Kashmir had ruffled a few feathers in the Indian administration. Will that be a sticking point if Biden were to be elected President? Watch this video to find out how India-US ties would be impacted if Biden were to win the US Presidential polls in November.