Boy's Heart Melts As He Meets Baby Sister After NICU Stay | Happily TV

A three-year-old boy who could not meet "his" baby sister while she spent her first days in the NICU lit up when he was finally able to hold her for the first time. Dominic "Dommy" Voso, from Rome, Georgia, told his parents the newborn would be "his" baby, having asked mom and dad for a sibling for a long time, proudly telling others when his mom was pregnant. But unfortunately for Dommy, mom Chrissy, 30, had preeclampsia during her pregnancy, which meant that Mia had be delivered at 35 weeks and four days. Mia then had trouble breathing, which caused her to spend her first 12 days in the NICU. This period was extremely tough for Dommy, as he had been desperate to meet his newborn sister, but only adults and siblings over 13 years of age could enter the NICU. Added to this difficulty, Chrissy had to spend an extra eight days in hospital, too, so Dommy couldn't understand why he could see his mom but not his little sister. But that all changed on July 4 when Dommy sat in his family's home and Chrissy came in holding Mia. When Dommy was then presented with his little sister, he immediately beamed with joy, holding her before bringing toys and books to share with her.