TNB Naturals, Mars Hydro TS1000, Crop King Seeds Gelato update

<p>We took 5 clones of each of the plants, keeping them numbered for a pheno hunt. We will make a mother out of one of the clones of the numbered plant we like the best. And the rest see will bud out.<br /> We also cleaned up a little of the bottoms and inside of the plants. Nothing major. Just the obvious energy wasting bud sites that won&rsquo;t see any worthy amount of light.<br /> We will flip the lights this Sunday night most likely. As these girls are getting big already and we don&rsquo;t want to be too packed in here.<br /> <br /> You can buy the TS1000 and other Mars Hydro products at<br /> PROMO CODE:WCP</p> <p>TNB Naturals products can be purchased at the online store at<br /> PROMO CODE:<br /> WESTCOASTCROPPERS1</p> <p>Crop Kings Seeds Gelato and many other strains can be purchased at their online store as well<br /><br /> DISCOUNT CODE: KING10</p>