12 plants / 11 strains WEEK #3 of ORGANIC cannabis grow

<p>NOTHING FOR SALE - Week #3 of flower for the series &ldquo;11 strains / 12 plants.&rdquo; This week has some significant bud development along with just the start of frost being develop on the top leaves. Here I show you the bud structure of the main plants along with information on each strain.</p> <p>I haven&rsquo;t used any pest control sprays or anything this go around yet, I did get some living organisms to combat the little gnats I got going, i will introduce then on my next watering along with a top dressing.</p> <p>This week a little light pruning and light staking just to move some of the colas out of the center of the light to prevent light burn.</p> <p>Let me know why you all think of the video below and help spread the word of you like it. Let&rsquo;s be big!<br /> <br /> Some of the strains grown are from #hawaiianheirloomgenetics #prismlabz #ilovegrowingmarijuana #cannabilology #coalitionseedbankco #jungleboys #koicbd #seedstockers</p> <p>Make sure to follow me on all my platforms in case one gets deleted by &ldquo;the man&rdquo;</p>