Make your own moonrocks from your own grow!!

<p>#cannabisreviewer #moonrocks #rosin</p> <p>Welcome to my Fall 2021 Growing Season! Are you tired of going to your local dispensary &amp; not being able to buy moonrocks? It&#39;s a problem here in Illinois. Don&#39;t waste time looking for moonrocks when you can make your own!! It&#39;s easy! All you need is some bud, a hair straightener, a press, &amp; some other small supplies &amp; you can make your own!!</p> <p>Here are the steps you need to do to make your own diy moonrocks!!</p> <p>00:00 Intro</p> <p>05:00 Step 1: Grind up your buds</p> <p>09:23 Step 2: Press buds into pucks</p> <p>17:37 Step 3: Press pucks into rosin</p> <p>22:35 Step 4: Scrape off rosin from parchment paper</p> <p>23:35 Step 5: Drip melted rosin onto buds</p> <p>25:00 Step 6: Roll buds into kief</p> <p>You want to support my costs making these videos? Or help me get better equipment? Head to my Patreon account here:</p> <p>Or just do a 1 time support? Go &#39;buy me a coffee&#39; where you can make a single payment @</p> <p>This is The Cannabis Reviewer. And as I always say..... Happy Smoking!</p>