SHOOT TO WIN - In-Step & Power Shots

SHOOT TO WIN – In-Step and Power Shots. Former South African player, Mike Araujo, teaches a shooting drill for younger players. Players start centrally at the edge of the penalty area and make an in-step pass to the coach on their left before advancing to shoot the return pass, using their in-step (side of the foot), past the goalie. Make sure the player keeps their head over the ball as they shoot. The focus here is on accuracy and placement of the shot past the goalie. Players can then advance to the power shot, with the same drill, but now using the top of the foot (edge of the laces) to generate more power. Players should be elevating the ball off the ground and getting more power behind the shot. Switch the direction of the drill, by moving the coaches position to the other side and have players shoot with the opposite foot.