What Is Delta-8-THC & Is It Legal?

<p>Delta-8-THC is a relativelynew cannabinoid on the market. Let&#39;s talk about its origins, its effects in your body, and whether or not it&rsquo;s legal.</p> <p>And will it cause you to fail a drug test!</p> <p>For full details, check out the<a href="https://www.thecannabiscutie.com/blog-1/delta-8-thc-effects">blog</a>. I also created a 30+ page ebook to simplify cannabis science called <a href="https://www.thecannabiscutie.com/cannabinoids-ebook">The Ultimate Guide to Cannabinoids</a>. In addition to Delta-8, we cover 20other major &amp; minor cannabinoids and their indications.</p>