TWTGC! Drying Tent & Flushing Update, First BBM Is Dried, Curing & Weighed In! First & Last Response To Haters Of PCC!

<p><a href=""></a></p> <p><a href=""></a></p> <p><a href=""></a></p> <p></p> <p>What&#39;s up PCC Nation, and new viewers! In this update we have finished drying the 1st Blackberry Mouth, weighed her, and have her in jars for curing! Update on this, the second Blackberry Mouth drying, and the 2 ladies still in flush! Also a shout-out to Mr. Foxx at Foxx Farms, we have teamed up to do a feminized seed project on his channel, crossing OG Cali Haze &amp; OJ Krush! Finally we are going to respond Once and only once, to thehaters, rude remarks, name calling, and manyput downs towards me, the channel, and a fewof my subscribers/ followersposting comments on PCC on YouTube!</p> <p></p> <p>Proud Canadian Cannabis, is here to help others learn to grow!We also show/ grow with/ review,equipment/ products that we use that help us to safe money while growing and give us great results! To help you to find great products to grow with that will give you great results as well! Since I have Cancer and a spinal disability, I advocate for patients in need of medicine, and try to get the word out to other growers that may be in a position to help patients in need! To get there and do what they can to help others as well, by going to a Cancer clinic and asking if there might be someone there that may need help, to reach out to thier nieghbours, family and friends to see if they may know others in need of help! But most of all to make people aware of the hundreds of thousands of patients and people that are out there that have conditions that cannabis can, will, and does help to make for a better quality of life for those in need! That may not have a way to pay for cannabis in their lives, or to pay for what is needed to grow for themselves, or are just to sick to be able to grow or get out to have access to cannabis!</p> <p></p> <p>We here at PCC do not fight with, or start shit with other peoples or channels! We don&#39;t even answer back to those that are trying to drag us into all of that BS, by way of comments! But this has been becoming much worse, since reaching that 350 to 400 subscriber mark on YouTube! So we are going to give one and only one response to all the hate and BS we have been getting as of late! From this day forward anyone coming to the channel to start or continue to act in the ways mentioned above, will have their comment(s) removed from the channel and if they persist and come back to do it again they will just be blocked!! Again we will not be responding to any of the comments of this nature and we are going to try to make sure that our followers and subscribers, also don&#39;t answer these fools back either! As it just is not what we want on Proud Canadian Cannbis, we want positive feedback, a positive place for growers to come,to talk cannabis, growing, ask for help, or even if they just want a safe place to talk about their Cancers, disabilities, ailments and what cannabis can do for them! This is a cannabis community with love, help, and positivity towards anyone that also gives that back! Not a place for BS, fighting, name calling, and negativity!</p> <p></p> <p>So If you are one of the BS causer&#39;s, or come to troll the channel and fill it with negative comments and name calling!</p> <p></p> <p>YOU ARE NOT WELCOME ON PROUD CANADIAN CANNABIS! YOUR COMMENTS WILL BE REMOVED AND IF YOU CONTINUE YOU WILL BE TOO! JUST DO YOUR YOUSELF A FAVOR IF YOUR ARE ONE OF THESE PEOPLE OR CHANNEL&#39;S, DOING THIS FOR WHATEVER REASON YOU ARE DOING IT FOR.PLEASE STOPAND TAKE TO HEART THE MESSAGE AT THE END OF THIS VIDEO, THAT WE AT PROUD CANADIAN CANNABIS HAVE LEFT FOR YOU! IT WILL BE THE ONLY RESPONCE OF THE CHANNEL YOU WILL GET FROM US, SO GO SOMEWHERE ELSE AND SPREAD YOUR HATE AND BS!</p> <p></p> <p>We would like to say that this is a theme coming only from a few individuals on YouTube and not from TheWeedTube at all andit is to those on YouTube that are causing these Issues that this response is going out too! There are allways bad apples in every place you go, this response is to them and them alone! I am sorry that we have even had to post this, but it justcontinues to be happeningeven though we have have already been removing and had to block a couple of people! So we thought we had just make a policy for everyone to see and to say one responseand only one response back, and to the point! To go along with the policy going forward from here!</p> <p></p> <p>Duane and Proud Canadian Cannabis.</p>