LEARN TO SHOOT - Essential Soccer Skill

LEARN TO SHOOT - Essential Soccer Skill. Former professional soccer player Kristy Hartofilis explains a soccer drill to work on one-touch finishing. The player passes the ball to a teammate or coach in the box, receives a return pass, and finishes with one touch. The player should aim for the corners of the goal. A good way to conduct this soccer drill with a team is for the shooter to then take the place of the passer after their shot, and for the passer to go into the shooting line. It can also be conducted with a goalkeeper, ideally with two goalkeepers on rotation. This drill should be conducted at game speed, and on both sides of the goal so players practice with both feet. The one-two is a very practical and effective movement, and done in the opponent's box at speed it can often lead to a shot on goal exactly as rehearsed in this drill.