Fit For Christmas - Week 4 (Standing Reverse Flys)

If you're a person that sits at a desk for many hours, then exercises like the Reverse Fly should be included in your weekly fitness regiment. The Reverse Fly is great for training the postural muscles of our back and shoulders. It also promotes balance and muscular stability. Providing much of the same benefits as the "standing back row", this exercise will help counteract the "hunchback" effect from sitting all day, giving that upright frame everyone desires to have. During its reverse upward lateral movement, it targets the rhomboids, traps, and posterior delts together. It's important to train all these muscles to maintain good posture. Performing this exercise in a standing "bent over row" position, you'll also strengthen your legs and abdominal muscles. It's essential to train your posterior chain if training anterior muscles such as your chest and shoulders. This keeps your upper body balanced, healthy and functional.