Gotta Purchase® Vanity Mirrors with LED Light by Caleb Crump

This video is Novelty King "Caleb Crump" of showcasing three different style Travel LED Light Vanity Mirrors. The featured categories showcased are: 1) The Large 10 inch by 7 inch LED Vanity Mirrors, 2) The Medium size Vanity Mirrors, and 3) The Double sided Pocket folding LED Light Mirrors. The large and medium size mirrors have adjustable brightness intensity. All the mirrors are powered by USB Charging. So you don't need separate batteries. These mirrors are great for traveling, lighting up your face and hair in dark places, and fit great into handbags, suitcases, and even some pockets These mirrors are Awesome and can be purchased at Get yours today! Thanks for watching and enjoy the video. - -Caleb Crump CEO - Gotta Purchase®