In the Speed Dribble Basketball Challenge, powered by FITLIGHT, the purpose is of the drill is to work on speed, speed dribbling and most importantly, the player's ability to change direction. This drill is suited for all levels and all positions. Players can advance this drill by decreasing time and adding combo moves when changing direction. The main keys of this drill are Get down court: First and foremost, we’re going for speed and control. Push the ball: Push dribbles that mimic a fast break situation. Controlled Change of Direction: Keep the body in a stance and the ball low and in control. The taller the stance, the less balanced the body will be when you go to change direction. Be Aware: Keep the head up and see the court - or the lights in this instance. To set up this drill, we’ll need three to four FITLIGHTs set up from sideline to sideline or full court if available. Start at the designated beginning side.When the first light goes off, the player begins speed dribbling towards the two lights. Either light will light up, signaling the player to stop and change direction back to the baseline. The player must wipe the light before changing direction. Here, we can add certain moves like a crossover into a drag dribble to make the drill look and feel like a more realistic reset. From there, the player resets or rotates. How many reps/time. We’re going to go for reps, but this drill can be done for reps or time. Either is sure to get the job done on the skills and the conditioning side when done right. We’ll also demonstrate different change of direction moves you can use based on your skill level. Many times, the team that owns the pace of the game, wins the game. On an individual level, changing and controlling the pace of the defender is a key skill as a part of a great team. As players improve, they will notice your speed increase. But more importantly, your ability to control your speed from fast to slow, all while handling the ball and making moves, becomes more controlled.