What's Treading with Tire Review - Apollo Tyres

Despite COVID-19, 2020 has been a big year for several tire manufacturers, including Apollo Tyres. The Indian tiremaker launched its Vredestein brand in North America last year, and has already released two tires specifically designed for the North American market in 2020. According to company executives, there's much more to come with its "approach of entrenchment" in the U.S. market. In this episode, we speak with Abhishek Bisht, assistant vice president of the Americas for Apollo Tyres and MD Rifen.com, and Daniele Lorenzetti, chief technology officer for Apollo Tyres. The two delved into how the company plans to cover 80% of the North American tire market in 24 months and how it's been able to executive this vigorous strategy amid the coronavirus. What's Treading with Tire Review: https://www.tirereview.com/category/podcasts/ Apollo Tyres' Vredestein brand: https://www.vredestein.com/