Learn To Clean - Step 1 - Clean Pull, High Hang (No Blocks)

LEARN TO CLEAN - STEP 1 - CLEAN PULL, HIGH HANG (NO BLOCKS) Learn the Clean and Jerk lift from U.S. Olympic & Team USA coach, Harvey Newton. Teaching the clean is most easily accomplished in a top-down method. The first, and easiest, place to start is with a clean pull (not full lift) from the so-called power position. This is at the end of the transition phase, but before the explosive second pull. This simple movement allows lifters to gain power with a balanced, vertical posture. Get into a starting position with the feet about shoulder width apart. Bend the ankles and knees, keeping the center of pressure on the feet toward, but not on, the toes. Seen from the side, the knees are forward of the toes. Grasp the barbell with a hook grip, placing the hands slightly wider than the shoulders, elbows facing outward. With the arms straight, the bar should contact the lifter’s mid-thighs. Shoulders are over, or slightly in front of, the bar. Using the lower body muscles only, the lifter pushes the barbell upward, with the lifter rising on the toes. This is called a triple (ankles, knees, hips) extension position. The lifter contracts the trapezius muscles of the upper back in a shrugging motion at the top of this very short movement. The arms remain straight, as the bar only needs to rise to about belt height to be successfully cleaned. The arms can remain straight, especially when learning with light weights, by flexing the wrists at the top of the pull. The lifter holds a well-balanced position momentarily with the bar very near the torso, elbows pointed outward. Return the bar to the original starting position to repeat for the desired number of repetitions. Beginners are advised to master this movement during initial sessions before moving on.