Cute Wombat Twerks On Hiker's Poles To Scratch Butt | Wild-ish TV

A cheeky wombat turned to a hiker for a helping hand for an itch it couldn’t reach, twerking on her hiking pole to scratch its butt. Jess was hiking with her husband Benny when the cute critter decided to approach the pair. The couple go camping every weekend, and on December 16, 2023, they were on a two-day hike near St Helen’s, on the east coast of Tasmania, Australia. As wombats are Jess's favorite animal, she did not hesitate when she and Benny were approached by a mother wombat and her baby. The baby, however, had other ideas, walking up to Jess, before turning around and scratching its butt on her pole as she laughed in disbelief.