69 Min of Shatter Babble & Blazin' With The CANADiAN CHRONiSSEUR

<p>This is an older one for y&#39;all. May, 2021. It&#39;s over an hour. In fact exactly 69 min. So pull out yer shatter and try to keep up!</p> <p>If you&#39;ll notice it&#39;s also poorly and not really edited. So the werds coming out of my brain are all free-flow.</p> <p>INHALE!</p> <p>EXHALE!</p> <p>ENJOY!</p> <p>-The CANADiAN CHRONiSSEUR</p> <p>Thanks fer watching. Love y&#39;all.<br /> Please ***DON&#39;T*** subscribe to my channel. I&#39;m tryin to be on the downlow until I have a product or service or combo to profit from. For now I&#39;m just having fun.</p>