Mars Hydro TS1000 is super bright in this Mars Hydro 3x3 tent.

<p>We take a minute to look at the plants in a 5x5 veg tent after just over a week of veg under a Mars Hydro TS1000. Check out how close the nodes stayed under this 150 led!</p> <p>We then show you our new 3x3 tent set up with the TS1000 in it. Where it will remain. We have put four small Plants inside. Seeing as that&rsquo;s the Canadian plant limit. We want to see how much someone could achieve under light for grams per watt. Keep in mind we are NOT master growers. Just some average personal medical growers. We just have a great cannabis community out there that has taught us, and wish to share this with you the public.</p> <p>We have also put in a fresh refill for (our sponsors)TNB Naturals The Enhancer CO2 dispersal canister. A great safe, natural , easy to use way to add CO2 To your garden.</p> <p>Pick yours up at if your local grow store is t carrying it. And if they aren&rsquo;t...tell them they SHOULD BE!</p> <p>The Mars Hydro TS1000 and 3x3 tent in this video can be purchased from&nbsp;<a href=""></a>Use PROMO CODE:WCP for a little extra off</p> <p>#marshydroebayblackfriday2019</p>