Geneva Will Soon Have 24 Hour Self Driving Bus Service

15 self driving buses will be deployed in Geneva in 2025, providing an on-demand, door-to-door service 24 hours a day. This pilot project will run for 1 year alongside similar schemes in Germany and Norway. The €55 million scheme is called ULTIMO, which is a consortium of 23 public and private organizations drawn from 8 European countries. This self driving bus technology has been tested before in Geneva. In 2020, 3 driverless buses began operation at the Belle-Idée Hospital, a sprawling, 36-hectare site east of the city centre. Passengers could locate and summon a self driving bus using an app. Each bus was equipped with sensors, GPS and radar, as well as a safety operator. ULTIMO will build on work from this earlier pilot, while addressing certain challenges like how to price tickets for an on-demand service, keep passengers safe, define ride rates, etc for the self driving buses.