High Gardens: Humidity & Happy Anniversary

This week is our one year anniversary episode (a little late but close enough) & I discuss how to create a nice little humid oasis for our water lovers, and give an update on my fiddle leaf fig that started it all. ❤️ Although I live in a fairly humid area, I use wood heat with the occasional baseboard, so my house tends to be quite dry. I had a bonsai fig that was really struggling, along with my larger fiddle-leaf fig, so I decided to find new ways to combat the dryness. I started with a tray of rocks, with which I placed the bonsai on (more on this plant next week). I added a diffuser, and then added all the plants that need a little extra moisture in the air. I got a fine mist sprayer, and I placed my Marimo moss balls in the area, to help with further evaporation. so far things seem to be going well. OH! and just to make sure I didn't over do it, I got a moisture meter. which also has pH and light (idk if the light meter is broken, or if my grow lights are just lame