How to make Strawberries THC Lean ( Sprite + Jolly Ranchers )

<p>Learn how to make THC Strawberries Flavor Lean ( cannabis infused syrup drink).</p> <p>THC Lean is absorbed in the mucous membranes in the mouth and is further broken down in the intestines. People reported usually feeling the effects within 45 minutes or less.</p> <p>TimeStamp:</p> <p>0:00 Intro</p> <p>0:13 Decarb cannabis</p> <p>1:20 Make Honey Simple Syrup</p> <p>5:40 Make Strawberry Flavor Syrup</p> <p>11:30 How to store or pack your Lean</p> <p>12:24 Make Lean Drink with Sprite</p> <p>Ingredients to make Cannabis Lean aka THC Lean :</p> <p>Infused honey simple syrup ( I will show you how to make it in the video)</p> <p>1 tbsp of MCT Coconut Oil</p> <p>Strawberries</p> <p>3.5 grams of cannabis</p> <p>1/4 cup of brown sugar</p> <p>1/4 cup of white sugar</p> <p>Sprite</p> <p>Jolly Rancher</p> <p>Don&rsquo;t forget to Like, Comment and Subscribe. Subscribe now -</p>