End Week 2 of flowering Sunset Paradise's & El Dorado OG's by Paradise Seeds. Detailed walk through.

<p>A detailed walk through of the new strains from Paradise Seeds. 2 x El Dorado OG and 2 x Sunset Paradise.</p> <p>The four plants moved to the slightly smaller cupboard next door to the original shower room. I&#39;ve taken the floor out of the cupboard and there&#39;s a lot more vertical space now. I might move the 600w HPS in its Darkstar hood into the cupboard in a few days, or not. I&#39;ll see how they go/how I feel.</p> <p>There&#39;s around 300w draw between the two LED fixtures in their cupboard, ~170w for the HLG and ~ 135w for the Viparspectra.</p> <p>I prefer the spectrum on the Viparspectra than the HLG, even though the HLG is an R-Spec model. Check out &quot;Far-red: The Forgotten Photons&quot; by Apogee Instrument&#39;s Dr Bruce Bugbee for why. Takeaway, Far Red, even a little, is used by the plants in an entourage type effect with the other spectrum protons.</p> <p>Monitored by a Sensor Push Temp &amp; Humidity device.</p> <p>Lighting by Mars Hydro TS 600 for veg, and a mixture of 600w HPS, Viparspectra V300 and HLG 135 V2 R-Spec for flowering.</p> <p>#ShogunFertilisers #SensorPush #ParadiseSeeds</p> <p>SUBSCRIBE and hit the notification bell</p> <p>Check out my Instagram account: https://www.instagram.com/shaggygrower.v2/</p>