Industry Insights Webinars Interviews: Nearshore Agile Software Development with Abraham Ramirez, Founder of LinkThinks

Physical proximity, cultural affinity, and currency price points have made Latin America an increasingly attractive option for nearshore staffing. Industry Insights talked to LinkThinks, an IoT development company based in Mexico. They discussed some of the challenges companies face developing connected solutions and how LinkThinks end-to-end development team can help reduce costs and timelines for digital transformation in several industries. LinkThinks Founder Abraham Ramirez and CEO Salvador Agredano have 25 years of experience developing customized solutions for partners in the US. They maintain U.S. offices in Los Angeles as well as Aguascalientes and Guadalajara in Mexico. Abraham Ramirez - Founder, LinkThinks Salvador Agredano - CEO, LinkThinks Tiffani Neilson – Host, Industry Insights Webinars