Package Opening & Item Review YAY!

<p>Hey peeps! Thanks for coming to my channel and clicking on this video...</p> <p>I have an online store for cannabis smoking accessories that are custom dripped with Swarovski Crystals, each hand placed. No, not all items are can order without. Anywhos, I inquired with this company about their prerolled cones...they are BEAUTIFUL! So, they send me some samples to see if it is a fit for the shop...but I HAVE to try out this product and give it a review before I say yes...I want these to rep in my shop...come along for the opening!!</p> <p>&lt;3 Thanks for watching my video! If you could do me a solid &amp; LIKE/Thumbs Up and content will be goooood! :) least funny!</p> <p>Heart...Glamma.Puffss</p> <p>Boujee Little Tingz Website:</p> <p>Social Media Handles:</p> <p>IG: @glamma.puffss</p> <p>Snap: Glamma. Puffs</p> <p>FB: @glamma.puffss</p>