5 Best Nectar Collectors

5 Best Nectar Collectors of 2021 Link: https://nectarcollectorkit.com/blogs/... Use Coupon Code: "YT10" to get 10% Off Your Next Order! Top 5 Best Nectar Collectors of 2021 Nectar collectors have become extremely popular in recent years, offering users the ability to enjoy their wax concentrates on the go. But when you begin looking for a nectar collector of your very own, what should you be looking for? Which brands are the best to choose from? The good news is that you do not have to undertake this journey alone! If you’re on the hunt for a nectar collector to take your dabbing game to the next level, here are the top 5 best nectar of 2021 that you may want to consider adding to your collection. 1. Lookah Seahorse Max Electronic Nectar Collector The Lookah Seahorse Max is an electronic nectar collector that takes the regular pro to the next level. Not only can you put it on a stand to hold the nectar collector but it also comes with a water bubbler to filter the smoke. Simply pour water down the glass chamber. This is where the smoke will be filtered before it enters your mouth. The Lookah Seahorse Max comes with quartz coils but you can also get ceramic replacements for it. You can change the temperature from 3.2volts, 3.6 volts and 4.1 volts. The best part is you can still use this as a 2 in 1 with your 510 thread compatible cartridge. Either way, put it on its stand because this is the best electric nectar collector out there. https://nectarcollectorkit.com/products/lookah-seahorse-max-electric-nectar-collector 2. Lookah Seahorse Pro Electronic Nectar Collector The Lookah Seahorse Pro is an electric nectar collector that is getting all the hype right now, and for good reason. It’s compact, sleek and versatile. It comes in 7 different vibrant colors not including the three limited editions. It comes with a quartz coil but you can also buy ceramic replacements. The Lookah Seahorse Pro offers variable voltage temperature options to help you dab at different temperatures. The voltages vary between 3.2 volts, 3.6 volts, and 4.1 volts. It has a dual use option where you can switch it to a 510 thread cartridge. The seahorse pro comes with a water pipe compatibility adapter too. You can filter the dab vapor as you smoke. https://nectarcollectorkit.com/products/lookah-seahorse-pro-electric-nectar-collector 3. Huni Badger Vertical Electric Nectar Collector The Huni Badger is another electric nectar collector that provides an incredibly long battery life. It has a 18650mAh battery that is also removable and rechargeable. One of the best parts about this is the quick heat up time that only takes 10 seconds to fully heat up. The huni badger comes with two different coil tips to give you the option of getting smoother hits or getting bigger clouds. One tip is made for low-temperature dabs and the other coil is for high-temperature dabs. It comes in a little box that makes it super comfortable to move around with. https://nectarcollectorkit.com/products/huni-badger-portable-electric-nectar-collector 4. The Happy Dab Kit The Happy Dab Kit is an on-the-go dabbers favorite portable glass nectar collector kit. It comes fully prepped in a zip-lock pouch with padded cushions all over. It comes with two small containers, a dab tool, a glass nectar collector with a titanium tip and a small butane torch. Although this kit is a bit more basic in comparison to some of the other products on this list, the Happy Dab Kit offers any portable dabber everything they need to enjoy their wax concentrates and see why the nectar collector is so popular. https://nectarcollectorkit.com/products/the-happy-dab-kit-portable-nectar-collector-kit 5. 5" Mini Glass Nectar Collector Kit With 510 Thread Nail If you’re just getting started or you’re on a budget, you may instead be looking for something basic that offers just the essentials. For this, we recommend the 5" mini glass nectar collector kit with 510 thread nail. This provides you with a basic compact nectar collector. Three different nail materials to choose from an internal percolator to help you keep your hits cool a dabber tool to help you scoop your wax concentrates and an XL pyrex dab dish to take your hits from. https://nectarcollectorkit.com/products/5-mini-glass-nectar-collector-kit-with-510-thread-nail