Did You Get Your Custom TheWeedTube Brnt.Ca Hexagon Ceramic Bong Yet?

<p>Wanted to give a shoutout to <a href="https://www.brnt.ca/">https://www.brnt.ca/</a> and <a href="https://theweedtube.com/">https://theweedtube.com/</a> for one amazing looking custom weedtube hexagon bong.</p> <p>To check out the hex head over to: <a href="https://www.brnt.ca/products/hexagon">https://www.brnt.ca/products/hexagon</a></p> <p>Sending positive growers karma to everyone reading this!<br /> The Aard Vark</p> <p>p.s. this is one smoooooooth hitting piece. Can&#39;t wait to test concentrates out of her (-;</p> <p>p.p.s. I really need to get a new cam one of these days or a go pro again, keep breaking my gear LOL.</p>