Mars Hydro Grow Journal FC3000 JOTI God’s Mac & God’s Pink Beginning week 7 flower TNB NAturals

<p>I am back from work and these Jordan of the islands girls are doing great under the Mars Hydro FC3000 led. There are some nice dense buds on all three of these plants. With products like TNB Naturals The Enhancer CO2 dispersal canister I am not surprised. And we are starting to get some purples hues in the buds.<br /> There is a nice layer of frost on Botha of these strains. With 2-3 more weeks to go I am excited to see the end results.</p> <p>You can buy this and other Mars Hydro products at<br /> PROMO CODE:WCP</p> <p>TNB Naturals products can be purchased at the online store at<br /> or on amazon at</p> <p>AC INFINITY products can be purchased at<br /></p> <p>Basement Autoflower fabric pots are available at:</p> <p>25% of ALL affiliate commissions we make will be donated to a good cause.</p> <p>Instrumental produced by: Jus BEATS</p>