TheWeedTube Meets Tomazine420 (The Brazilian Weed PewDiePie!)

<p>TheWeedTube is proud to welcome the Brazilian community to our platform! Recently we&#39;ve seen a huge increase in traffic from Brazilian cannabis users due to similar problems with YouTube Brazil that the American WeedTube community went through in 2018. Our team wanted to find out more about this community of creators so we sent RJ to interview the biggest of them all! Tomazine420 joined TheWeedTube just over 6 months ago and has already brought with him nearly 15,000 subscribers!</p> <p>In this interview Rj and Tomazine talk about cannabis law in Brazil, why Brazilians are so fond of TheWeedTube, and so much more! This video has been captioned inPortuguesefor our Brazilian viewers to enjoy as well! Thank you all for coming to watch, and thank you for helping TheWeedTube support communities around the world in their fight against cannabis criminalization.</p>