Fleischer: Impeachment Vote a Retroactive Makeup By Pelosi Realizing Democrats Have A Fairness Problem

BRET BAIER, 'SPECIAL REPORT' HOST: Some Democrats are saying, listen, this is just an effort to call Republicans bluff that no longer can you talk about process, we will not have to talk about substance. ARI FLEISCHER: Fairness is a fundamental American value, and this should not come down to a vote or not a vote. It should always be marked by fairness. If they have a vote now, you can not make up for the lack of fairness for the last month where we've had a secret impeachment process, with secret witnesses and secret transcripts all started by a secret whistle-blower. That is not how we conduct things to be fair to anybody in this country. So I think this is a little bit of retroactive makeup by Speaker Pelosi who recognized that they do have a problem. And it's not a process problem. Fairness is a fundamental American virtue.