GoStoner November Daily High Club Unboxing

<p>It&#39;s DHC Unboxing day! Welcome back family, hope you have been good! We are heading into the holiday season, and up first Thanksgiving! Did DHC hook it up for the giving season? Sit back, pack it up and relax as i go throu whats in the latest box for november. Please make sure to like, share, comment and subscribe, as well as follow me on my socials here:</p> <p>IG/FB/TW: @gostonerlife</p> <p>Discount Codes/Links</p> <p>Daily High Clubhttps://dailyhighclub.com/?rfsn=15618...</p> <p>Vitae Glass: GoStoner15 for 15%</p> <p>The Neutralizer: GOSTONERLIFE for 15% off</p> <p>Yocan: www.yocanvaporizer.com HAZY15 for 15% off</p> <p>Vape Active:www.vapeactive.com HAZY10 for 10% off</p> <p>Happy Blaze Box www.happyblazebox.com HAZY for 10% off</p> <p>Doja Science:www.dojascience.com Hazyhulahigh420 for 10% off</p> <p>Waxmaidhttps://waxmaidstore.com/?rfsn=297438...</p> <p>Stay Lit</p>