Growing With Fishes Podcast Episode 30 with Josh of Pure Pressure Rosin Presses

Growing With Fishes Podcast. A podcast dedicated to growing aquaponic cannabis and spreading information to the masses about sustainable cannabis production! Marty's Channel APMeds Steve Channel Potent Ponics Steve's classes Aquaponic Cannabis Medicinal Herbs Fish Ganja Guy Facebook group PurePressure is your one stop shop for all things rosin! Located in Denver, Colorado, PurePressure manufactures its industry leading Pikes Peak rosin press in-house, as well as offers a full line of USA-produced rosin filter bags, parchment paper, and every rosin accessory you'd ever need. Check us out at YouTube: Pure Pressure Facebook: /GoPurePressure Instagram: @GoPurePressure MassRoots: @GoPurePressure