Medicinal Cannabis in Asian Countries - The Eighth Hour EP: 002

This week we talk cannabis sales at public events in 2019, Colorado’s new approach on DUI arrests & Medicinal cannabis In Asia. Sitt has some input on Ariana Grande’s new tattoo scandal, Burger King has a genius marketing strategy and we discover everyone’s Top 3 stoner munchies. 00:00 - Intro 00:40 - Events and Festivals Weed Sales 14:26 - Colorado's Approach on Marijuana DUI arrests 25:06 - Medicinal Cannabis in Asia 41:49 - The Sesh 42:32 - Ariana Grande's New Tattoo Scandal 51:00 - Burger King's Super Bowl Marketing Strategy 54:41 - Personal Top 3 Stoner Munchies 1:01:03 - Outro Featuring Will, Nick, Cris,& Sitt --------------------------------------------- Facebook Instagram: NoDvzeOff Instagram: NoDazeOffMedia Twitter Listen To Our Podcast On Your Favorite Podcast App: Here