Seedsman's Gelat OG Autoflower Week 8

<p>We reduced light hours from 20h to 18h this week..I know being this far in flower it sounds idiotic but we&#39;re trying to give them a little more down time to recover after we burned a few of the plants (at 18 inches), lesson learned..the SP-3000 is no joke, this is a very intense light.. we raised the fixture again to 22&quot; .. using autoflowers to dial in wasn&#39;t one of our brighter ideas but live and learn lol..we have some killer photoperiod strains immediately on deck to see what this light is really capable of...besides, our Gelat yield is still looking pretty good all things concidered lol.. all plants a getting a &quot;recovery mix&quot; a little bit of P,K ,cal-mag, a few ml of N and B complex ..i&#39;m happy to report that all new growth has a great color..thanks for reading if you chose to do so and happy harvests everyone!</p> <p>**************************<br /> Great genetics DEFINITELY worth checking out!! ❤? :<br /><br /> Use Code &quot;Kitties&quot; for -10% off your next order!! ??<br /> ***************************</p>