Competition Regulation and Innovation Can We Strike a Balance - recording

Competition, Regulation, and Innovation: Can We Strike a Balance? The world of competition enforcement is always in constant flux. This is as true now as it has been for the duration of the history of antitrust. The novel problems faced by competition law in today’s times are multifaceted. Increasing economic concentration, and modern technological innovations have led many to call for reform to the existing laws (and how they are applied) to these changing times. This series addresses these issues directly, through a series of interviews with leading practitioners dealing with these questions at the coalface. David TEECE Professor in Global Business, Faculty Director, Tusher Center for The Management of Intellectual Capital, Berkeley Haas Daniel RUBINFELD Professor of Law, New York University School of Law Eleanor FOX Professor, New York University School of Law Aurelien PORTUESE Director, The Schumpeter Project at the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation Moderator: Jan RYBNICEK Counsel, Freshfields