Brit Hume: Corporate America's Sickening Political Correctness For Black Lives Matter

FOX News contributor Brit Hume talks about Black Lives Matter protests and political correctness with FOX News host Tucker Carlson. <blockquote>BRIT HUME: Let's be clear about what Black Lives Matter stands for. It isn't about protecting or saving black lives it's about protecting and saving some black lives. Which is to say, the black lives that are lost at the hands of the police. A number which is dwarfed by those who are lost in the kind of urban violence that you describe in Chicago, New York and other cities. So let's put aside the idea that Black Lives Matter is really about black lives matter in any meaningful sense. And let's also note this, Tucker, you see the tearing down of these statutes which seems to be the reflection of the ignorance of the people who are doing it, and who they are and what they did it. But these things are not actions in any meaningful sense, these are just gestures. And the reason they are just gestures is that that is all they've got. The only substantive position that this movement, and that's what it is, has been able to come up with is a one to defund the police. And whom do you think will be hurt worse by diminishing the police forces in these urban areas? It's the blacks and other poor people who live in these crime-ridden neighborhoods. So that is where we are. And in fact, Tucker, that this movement has taken root in corporate America the way it has with all the sickening political correctness that's coming out of there about supporting Black Lives Matter and all the rest of it, it really is stomach-turning and it amounts to supposedly serious people falling for a fraud. </blockquote>