My First Germination Timelapse

<p>This Video was created by time-lapse looking through a plexi glass box filled with potting soil. The seeds were placed against the plexi with the left side seed pointing down, and the right side seed pointing up.</p> <p>The intent of creating this video was to explore the differences between pointy end up vs pointy end down, and to confirm or deny my own hypothesis that pointy end UP is the superior method for germination.</p> <p>I believe that pointy end UP is superior because when the taproot emerges from the top, it immediately curves and travels straight down, wasting as little energy as possible, and creating a position where the cotyledons can easily disloge themselves from the seed hull, which will remain underground as the seedling sprouts. I believe that pointy end DOWN creates an undesirable condition for the seed where the taproot will create an S curve, wasting energy. I also believe that it creates the right conditions for the seedling to sprout with the seed hull still attached/around the cotyledons, which leads to the hull drying, hardening, and trapping the cotyledons inside itself, or its inner membrane that can remain stuck on the cotyledons, preventing them from spreading apart for optimal growth.</p> <p>This round has proven inconclusive, perhaps with points going toward the pointy end down this time given that the cotyledons fully opened first. What exactly happened on the pointy end down side is difficult to see because some of the potting soil is obstructing our view.</p> <p>I think I have a solution for that which will allow us to see both seeds during all stages in my next time-lapse</p> <p>Stay tuned for more experiments :)</p>