Good-Boy Dog Carries Owner's Wedding Dress So It Doesn't Drag On Ground | Happily TV

A bride-to-be's dog showed he was the ultimate good boy by carrying the bottom of her wedding dress so it didn't muddy on the ground. Dog owners Shannon and Glyn are so close to their pooch Charlie, a three-year-old golden retriever, that they had to have him be part of their engagement shoot on August 19. Having posed for a series of photos, Shannon, 31, then started making her way back to her Hong Kong apartment. With the bottom of her dress in one hand and Charlie's leash in the other, she then looked down to see Charlie's wholesome eyes – a sign, she thought, that he wanted to help. Shannon handed Charlie the bottom of her dress and, sure enough, the pooch took it in his mouth and continued to carry it during the rest of their walk home. On that walk, a stunned Glyn took out his cellphone and recorded a few seconds of Charlie's good deed. The couple adopted Charlie in 2020 when the coronavirus pandemic first started, and since then he has gone everywhere with them. With Shannon originally from Australia and Glyn, 31, from the U.K., the couple have planned their wedding at a somewhat "middle ground" of the Amalfi Coast, in Italy, for the summer of 2024.