How to harvest more and faster

<p style="margin: 5px;">A very simple way to harvest more and faster is to do clones from your plant while she's still in veg.<br>You might have heard how some people will have a "permanent" mother alive, and they would regularly take clones out of it?<br>Well the thing it's not so easy to keep the mother alive for long enough, but it's very easy to make clones! And they can really boost your harvest.<br><br>So the idea is simple, as your plant grows, you usually have to remove a few branches that would be useless anyway, especially those thin ones that grow from the lowest parts of the plant.<br><br>So here's the thing: if instead of throwing them away you turn them into clones, each of those small branches will give you between 5 to 10g each (provided that you bloom them as soon as possible, but they could be the size you want), and you could easily make a dozen of those throughout the veg state of your plant.<br><br>And since the SuperGreenController can manage up to three independent boxes, it would be stupid not to give it a try