New Ice Fishing Tech From Humminbird! Ice Helix 7

Captain & Humminbird Pro Staffer BJ Silvia of Flippin Out Fishing Charters walks us through the wide range of features offered on Humminbird's ICE Helix 7—a versatile, all-in-one unit designed specifically to meet the demands of ice fishing. Captain Silvia explains how he uses the the ICE HELIX 7 when he's on the water, and how it's changed the way he tackles ice fishing. Packing loads of sonar and GPS features into one unit allows BJ to accurately find and target structure on when ice fishing large lakes. Finding structure was key to catching fish through the ice on this trip. BJ was able to set his tip ups on contour lines and drop his shiners to the right depth for winter northern pike. Additionally, the real-time sonar makes jigging through the ice easy. Jigs show up clearly on the bright 7-inch display, and any fish that swims up to check out your jig is easy to spot. Humminbird ICE Helix 7: Humminbird ICE Fish Finders: Special Thanks to BJ Silvia of