Mom Who Had Stroke Surprised With Trip To Beach After Two Years

A thoughtful husband gave his mother-in-law a gift she would never forget, as he picked her up in a cart and took her back to the beach that she walked on every day before a stroke stopped her from doing so two years earlier. Previously, Mary Jane Hynes, 79, would walk on the beach every day with her dog, Yogi, seeing the sands as her happy place. But back in 2020, Jane suffered a stroke, which, combined with the restrictions of the coronavirus pandemic, meant she had to undergo isolated rehab for seven months. When she was finally able to head home, Mary then fell on the first night, breaking her wrist and requiring more rehab. Months later, another fall made her family decide that it was time to convince Mary to head into assisted living, all while not paying a trip to the beach that she loved so much. Fast forward to March 25, 2022, though, and Mary's son-in-law, Brian Kucaba, 46, decided it was time to give his mother-in-law a big surprise.