Does Economic Growth Cost Too Much?

High economic growth, often measured by GDP, is a central goal of many nations and economies. However, some scholars and policymakers are questioning how sustainable and desirable relentless growth is. They propose alternative models like "green growth," decoupling economic growth from environmental degradation, or "degrowth," shrinking economies rather than growing them by reducing consumption and production, which a Genuine Progress Indicator or Gross National Happiness would measure. Does growth cost too much? Those arguing “yes” question whether GDP is the best measurement for growth and societal well-being, given rising inequality and persistent poverty even in wealthy nations. They also point to costs that are typically overlooked, such as contributing to climate change, caused by unchecked expansion. Those arguing “no” say that growth is the key driver of prosperity, which lifts millions of people out of poverty, fuels innovation, and provides necessary resources for public services and infrastructure development. Against this backdrop, we debate: Does Economic Growth Cost Too Much? Arguing Yes: Peter Victor, Environmental Studies Professor Emeritus and Senior Scholar at York University Arguing No: Katherine Mangu-Ward, Editor-in-Chief at Reason Emmy award-winning journalist John Donvan moderates #opentodebate #debate #GDP #overpopulated #growth #humanit #planet #goods #environmentaldamage #freemarket #economy #degrowth #government #micro #macro =================================== Subscribe: Official site: Open to Debate Twitter: Open to Debate Facebook: ===================================