Is Modi’s India Heading in the Right Direction?

Narendra Modi is India’s current Prime Minister and a member of the Bharatiya Janata Party. He made his first US state visit in June 2023, which sees India as a vital partner for safety in the Indo-Pacific region and counterterrorism. Under his tenure, India has downgraded from being a free democracy to an electoral autocracy, according to V-Dem Institute, but he’s popular among citizens and members of the Indian diaspora. Is there hope for better times? Those who agree applaud Modi’s efforts to tackle corruption, increase technological advancements, and promote India as a global player on the world stage. They also point to India’s strong economic growth and development, with India projected as the fastest-growing large economy this year. Those who disagree note increasing religious and social tensions, corruption of institutions, and limited freedom of expression, while arguing his economic policies aren’t good for everyone. They’re also concerned about pro-Hindu divisive policies and the impact they have on Muslims and other marginalized communities. With this background, we debate the question: Is Modi’s India Heading in the Right Direction?