Mars Hydro TS1000 has the 3x3 LIT UP!

<p>We transplanted our Black Dog x2, Black Cookies, and 8Ball Kush I to 3gallon pots. Now it&rsquo;s time to do some LST(low stress training) to create a more even canopy by opening up the middles of the plants by tying them down to the 3 gallon pots with plant tie wire. We show how much more even the canopy will be by doing so. And explain why we do this. This technique&rsquo;s end result is similar to scrog. But we don&rsquo;t use nets. Which gives us the ability to move plants around , or remove any number of them if needed. Unlike scrog which makes your plants stationary, making it hard to not only hand water. But also to do.....pretty much anything else to really.</p> <p>We are eager to see what this Mars Hydro TS1000 150 watt full spectrum led can do. We are going to veg these four plants until we have a canopy of 2-3 inches deep of vegetative growth on the branches that would have been side buds but will now be tops!</p> <p>our TNB Naturasl CO2 dispersal canister is all activated and we have the tent a good blast of added CO2 to help these girls with vigour.</p> <p>You can pick up your TNB Naturals safe, all natural easy to use products online at</p> <p></p> <p>You can purchase your Mars Hydro ts1000 and many other lights and products from<a href=""></a></p> <p>Use PROMO CODE: WCP for a little extra off the price.</p>