Tokelahoma Expanded Reciprocity Bill Likely Dead – Support Key Texas Cannabis Bills

<p>Hopefully Czar Lt. Governor Dan Patrick allows all of these bills through.</p> <p>Source: <a href=""></a></p> <p>Source: <a href=""></a></p> <p>Find you Lawmakers: <a href=""></a></p> <p>Contact the Governor: <a href=""></a></p> <p>Contact the Lt. Governor: <a href=",%3A%20(512)%20463%2D0001">,%3A%20(512)%20463%2D0001</a></p> <p>ICYMI - Is it Hemp or Is it Cannabis? Two Central Texas Lawyers Craft a Great Song to Help You</p> <p><a href="" target="_blank"></a></p> <p>ICYMI - The Road to Victory is Local in Texas - El Paso City Council Approves Measure to Issue Citations for Low Level Cannabis Arrests</p> <p><a href=""></a></p> <p>ICYMI - Will Lt. Governor Dan Patrick Allow Cannabis Decriminalization and MMJ Reform in Texas?</p> <p><a href=""></a></p> <p>----------------------------------------</p> <p>To Follow Mr. Sativa on Social Media:</p> <p>Twitter - <a href=""></a></p> <p>Periscope: <a href=""></a></p> <p>Instagram - <a href=""></a></p> <p>Please become a Patreon at just $1 a month - <a href=""></a></p> <p>Please support us via PayPal - <a href=""></a></p> <p>If you want to support us via Anchor: <a href=""></a></p> <p>My Twitch Channel - <a href=""></a></p> <p>My YouTube Channel: <a href=""></a></p> <p>Join our Discord Server: <a href=""></a></p> <p>Get Great Quality CBD products from Sequoia Organics: <a href=""></a></p> <p>My Email: <a href=""></a></p> <p>Like Our Facebook Page: <a href=""></a></p> <p>Now Syndicated on Radical Russ Radio: <a href=""></a></p>