Seedsman's Gelat OG Autoflower Week 11/12

<p>?We&#39;re almost there! We started our preharvest flush a little over a week ago and color is fading fast.. one plant from the group was ready (she&#39;s drying now) that plant has been ahead of the bunch this entire time..the rest of the girls should be ready to come down by next week but we&#39;re watching trichs close just in case they turn fast..The SP-3000 by MarsHydro has been an amazing addition to the grow room, our clones and seedlings couldn&#39;t be happier..It took some trial, error and a few burnt tips to dial in distance but I&#39;m very happy we&#39;ve found the perfect spot in time for a decent harvest this round but our upcoming Bruce Banger grow will be absolutely epic!! Thanks as always for the love and support, happy harvests everyone!!</p> <p>**************************<br /> Great genetics DEFINITELY worth checking out!! ❤? :<br /><br /> Use Code &quot;Kitties&quot; for -10% off your next order!! ??<br /> ***************************</p>